Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tag! "I'm it!"

I was tagged by Vicki from Vicki's Artistic License over my Hawaiian Vacation and so I'm a little late getting to it but here's me....

~8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Seeing my kids laugh
2. Hearing "I love you!" from my husband
3. My next trip home to Hawaii
4. Checking my email/blog/eBay/etc.
5. Scrapbooking another page
7. The mailman's delivery
8. Getting to go out somewhere nice just so I can dress up

~8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. I flew from Hawaii to Chicago, then home to Virginia.
2. I had to listen to a baby scream almost the whole way on the 8 hour flight (from Hawaii to Chicago) while the poor babies parent kept headphones on with the music blaring (I could imagine).
3. I people watched in the airport(s). My husband and I got a lot of laughs in.
4. I tried to sleep on the plane rides....un-successful! Well, with 4 kids and a husband of course not.
5. My son got in a bike accident so I helped bandage him up.
6. I checked my email.
7. I ate Cereal and Mac & Cheese for dinner with the kids....yeah, I NEED to go grocery shopping!
8. Since Hawaii is 6 hours behind Virginia I suffered some serious jet lag (still am) and I went to sleep almost as soon as my face touched my pillow. Woke up at 7pm lastnight and haven't been back to bed since.

~8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Read "New Moon" since I had the chance to read the "Twilight" book while on vacation. I can't wait to get my hands on it!
2. Grow some meat around some areas of my body.
3. Have more patience for my kids sake.
4. Eat on the left side of my mouth. I had some dentistry work that I think was done incorrectly and it's irritatingly painful to chew anything on my left side.
5. Turn back time
6. Read people's minds (like Edward on Twilight).
7. Scrapbook faster
8. Get my husband around having to go back to Iraq another year.

~8 Things I Have Watched Recently
1. I watched my tough little boy cry while my husband and I tried to take care of his really bad tire burn from his bike accident.
2. I watched him get all better suddenly after announcing that we are to go shopping for his best friends birthday present the next day and that he can't go if he's still in pain.
3. My husband un-pack while I drifted off to a much needed sleep yesterday.
4. I watched a couple of crafting tutorials.
5. I watched my baby girl fight sleep....darn jet lag!
6. I watched the Twilight movie AGAIN and AGAIN. I will never get tired of that movie!
7. My husband walk....I love his manly walk.....and his butt looked SO good in them jeans!
8. My hair fall out. It never fails. I leave my ponytail in over night and I have to expect a lot of hair to come out with it the next day. My bad!

In addition I'd also like to share 8 Interesting Facts about my Hawaiian Vacation.
1. Michael Jackson's death was announced while we were at the airport in LA.
2. On the flight to Hawaii from LA I sat next to K-Ci (from K-Ci & JoJo). The duo sat away from each other and K-Ci was with his wife and Body Guard. Nope...they weren't even traveling in First Class.
3. The food was even better than I remember it.
4. I waited in an hour long line just to get a shaved ice cone from the most famous "Matsumoto's Shave Ice Store" in the historic Haleiwa Town.
5. I had my own little H.S. Reunion with some close friends instead of going to my real class reunion. I figure....I have MySpace and I didn't really need to attend.
6. I actually got IN the water at the beach. I don't even touch the merky looking water with my feet at the beaches here in Virginia. Hawaiian Waters are so beautiful and clear!
7. I promised myself there would be no sad goodbye's this visit but once I seen the tears in my little sister's eyes I broke that promise.
8. Our Vacation was originally only supposed to be from June 25-July 15 BUT our return flight got cancelled so the airlines put us up in a really nice hotel for another night with free meal vouchers and transportation.

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