Monday, November 9, 2009

Mission 0003

The wonderful ladies over at Mission Create have another awesome mission (or challenge) going on and here is my take.... I used all 5 concepts again which were to....
1. Use this sketch.

2. Use lyrics from the song by Kelly Clarkson "My life would suck without you!"
3. Use pink.
4. Use buttons.
5. Use transparency.

Here are close-up shots.... This layout is of my mother from back in the day (as you can clearly tell). I chose to do my layout on her opposed to my dear husband or children because my mother is my bestfriend. I seriously think that as much as we butt heads sometimes that my life would truly suck without her in it. Although we live miles apart (her in Hawaii and me in Virginia) she's always there when I need some adult conversation and she's helped me out in more ways than one. I know I can always count on her and I can't even imagine my life without her. This happens to be the very first layout I ever did of her. I'm happy I was inspired to create this because of the challenge at Mission Create. It makes me realize how much I truly appreciate her.


Amy said...

Great Challenge and beautiful layout!

Vanessa said...

Wow..Lynette..this is gorgeous--way to go on your first lo of her-I bet she would be very touched to see it!
The color choices are stunning :-)

p.s I emailed you :-)

Deborah Marasa said...

love your layout Lynette! Glad we inspired you.

Nicole Nowosad said...

Simply AMAZING!!! Thansk for playing along!

Kristine said...

fabulous page, i love your positioning of the title and flower cluster.. it matches your blog !!