Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I know, I'm a day late. I was busy most of the day yesterday so I never got around to posting this till now. So here it goes...

This weeks challenge is staring right at you in black & white.
It's the SHADES OF GREY Challenge where you are to create your LO's using JUST shades of grey, black and white. However, you may add ONE other color to compliment the b/w tones. But, just ONE! Yes, it can be different shades of that color if you'd like. For instance, if you chose "pink" as your other color (like me) you could use hot pink, bright pink, pastel pink, etc.

The picture(s) you use in your LO's DO NOT have to be in b/w. Your picture(s) can be in ANY color regardless of what single color you choose. The only rule I have regarding your picture(s) is that it has to have "eyes". Be it a person, pet, insect, etc.

You will make up for the lack of color variety by replacing it with texture variety. So, be sure to add AT LEAST 2 different elements with different textures. This can be achieved through tearing or crumpling your papers. Or by rolling and curling the edges. Or by other means. You can also choose a mix of materials with different textures in your design; such as textured cardstock, corrugated cardboard, fabric, ribbon, buttons, and beads, etc.

Here's MY take on this challenge titled KEES. KEES. KEES. (kiss kiss kiss). My inspiration came from the AT&T commercial with Pepe Le Pew (the Warner Bros. French Skunk).

And here's a slideshow of LO's previously submitted for this challenge.

Please leave a comment with a link to your LO. Thanks for participating!

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