Monday, May 4, 2009


Time for Challenge #2 for this Manic Monday. This week's challenge is "Symbols associated with LOVE". There are many symbols that are attached with the expression of love. We're going to show a glimpse of these varied symbols on our LO's this week. Starting with the ubiquitous heart sign, to the word "LOVE". You'll need to:
-Include at least 1 heart somewhere in your LO. It does not have to be a full heart. It can be a broken heart if you want, or half a heart or even the word heart.
-Incorporate ANYTHING with "wings" into your LO. It could be an owl, a bird, a butterfly or dragonfly, an angel even. Heck, it could be chicken wings or a big mansion with an east wing and a west wing. Did you also know that Red Bull gives you wings?
-Include at least 1 flower. It could be a picture of a flower, a flower embellie or pp with flowers on it.
-You'll need to include the color brown somewhere on your LO's. It can be in the picture, in the pp or inked on the edges of stuff.
-There also needs to be some kind of frill in your LO. Whether it's ribbons, fiber, lace, etc.
-And last but not least, you'll need to have the word "LOVE" somewhere on your LO. It can be in the title or in your journaling or on some sort of embellie. LO's due next Monday.

Here's MY take.

About MY layout: The chalkboard patterned paper says I WILL NOT KISS BOYS all over it. My daughter Deja promised me she wouldn't have a boyfriend till she's 21. That's why I put angel wings on her. That's also why I created this's a little reminder of her promise to me.

Here is a slideshow of some LO's previously submitted for this challenge.

Please leave a comment with a link to your LO. Thanks!


sugar_and_spice said...

Ooh! FUN challenge, Lynnette! I was just looking at some chipboard wings in my sb room last night! I would love to do this one, but I gotta finish up some swaps and other projects first! Love the challenge, though! :)

♥Silvana♥ said...

hey Lynnette .... great LOs very inspiring...I did mine and I just finish posting it.,

Joaniebolognie said...

Gorgeous layout! Love the wings and the way the ribbon is attached! OH'll have to hold Deja true to her boys until 21 huh???? LOL