Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Celebrity Crush

For the past 11 years now I have had a rather huge undying crush over the heart throb Josh Hartnett. He has such dreamy eyes and one of the best jaw lines ever, along side my hubby of course. LOL

I think I lusted over him the most in the movie Pearl Harbor. Hawaii is my home state and I remember hearing bombs go off one day thinking "Oh no! We're being bombed again!" There was no warning to us residents ahead of time to let us know that it was just a movie re-enactment. Oh boy, did I beat myself up when I found out after the fact that he was IN HAWAII and I missed my chance of getting a glimpse of him up close.

I still crush over him today and my husband gets all disgusted at how I ooh! and awe! over his every move on screen. LOL

Anywho, Butterfly Crafts is hosting a Celebrity Crush Layout Challenge and it was no challenge for me to figure out who to do my layout on. Which celebrity do you have a crush on? Create a layout about him and enter it in for a chance to win a fabulous prize over at Butterfly Crafts.

Here's my take:


Lisa said...

I TOTALLY share this crush with you! He is certainly a hottie! Love the layout! I think this is such a fun challenge.

Unknown said...

Love your layout Lynette, the paper distressing is fab :)

Jocelyn said...

You did an awesome job with this challenge!!!! I just adore you Blog!!!!

Kelly said...

HI Lynette! I love your LO. Love the way you used the photo, and that distressing is just gorgeous!
Kel x