Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pay It Forward

I REALLY don't like chain letters. In fact, I despise them! Most of it is a bunch of bull and a lot of them are a bunch of crap. :)

This "Pay It Forward" chain is probably the one chain that I don't mind moving along or even get bothered by. It doesn't promise you any good fortune in the end or even good luck. It will insure you that you have probably put a smile on someones face or made someones day though. That's what I think counts.

Years ago I was so inspired by a movie I had seen called "Pay It Forward." So, a few days ago as I was blog hopping on some of the blogs I follow I was excited to see that my friend Marlene had a Pay It Forward/Blog Giveaway mixing two really great ideas!

I am one of the Lucky 5 she will be sending a gift to and in turn I need to send a gift to 5 more people to keep the Pay It Forward movement going.

For MY Pay It Forward/Blog Giveaway I will be asking each of you who respond to also include in your comment something you like (regarding scrapbooking of course). It can be a color scheme, a print/pattern, a handmade item, a scrapbooking collection, a character/animal, a fav. scrapbooking goodie, etc. ANY info. that will better help me make my decision on who the lucky 5 recipients will be. Please don't say "anything will be nice" because that will probably just make my decision harder. :)
I will pick 5 recipients BY Monday, June 22nd. So be sure to check back by then to see if you're one of my lucky 5. And if you are, then make sure to leave me a way to contact you. :)

Here's the Rules:
1. The gift will be a mystery of my choice created especially for each recipient. It might be a handmade creation, it might be store bought.
2. I have one year to get all 5 gifts together. Although I doubt it will take me THAT long. :)
3. If you're one of the 5 people chosen to receive a gift from me, you must make a Pay It Forward posting on your own blog soon after I announce you as one of my recipients to keep this movement going. A link back to my blog will be much appreciated too!
4. When you receive your gift from me you should make a post on your blog to show everyone what I gave you inspiring others to follow the chain and participate.

So, leave me a comment with the said information and let's keep this movement going.


Jocelyn said...

This sounds like so much fun!!!! I just adore rub on's and thickers. Flowers and Bling would be my next pick!!! I so love the idea of Paying It Forward.....I have done this in the past and it makes me so happy to get a note from the person that I have sent something to....telling me how happy they are with the goodies!!!! Again, sounds like such fun!!!! Wishing you a Terrific Day!! :)

Lisa said...

What a great idea Lynette! I have also done something similar in the past and found it to be very rewarding. It was almost like a secret sister "thingy" within our Bible Study group, with the Pay It Forward theme. Ummmm, what would I say. Of course, my first thought would be "anything would be nice", but you already nixed that! LOL! So I will share that I LOVE thickers letter stickers! Can't seem to get enough of them. But I also have to say I would LOVE a collection of your favorite quotes. Anything you find inspiring, uplifting and heartwarming. If they were handwritten, even on a piece of notebook paper, that would be of priceless value to me. What can I say, I'm a sentimental girl. Hope this is the "help" you were looking for in gift ideas. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Emily D. said...

Love your blog! I have something for you on my blog!

Tidbits of my Life said...

Hello Lynnette.....I am loving your blog. I really like the idea behind pay it forward. So neat and would love to see it in action. Congratulations on your new challange blog....looks really nice. Hugs, christia